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YASO Solution
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Chinese social commerce, simplified

Our tech-enabled solution provides market entry and brand acceleration options for emerging category-leaders who otherwise would find the complexity of China prohibitively challenging.

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Store Setup

We design, build and integrate storefronts across the full spectrum of Chinese social commerce platforms, ensuring that we remain responsive to shifting consumer shopping habits and preferences.


Order Management

Our custom OMS and ERP integrations give our brands a clear view of what is being sold, in what quantity and at what price, guaranteeing full transparency over how well you are doing in China.


Our end-to-end fulfilment covers everything from cross-border shipping and customs clearance, to final-mile delivery and returns. Just get your product to our warehouses in the UK, US or EU and we’ll take the rest from there.

Brand Building

We’ll localise your consumer and communications strategy for China, compiling content, campaigns and influencer partnerships that blend customer acquisition with brand equity building.

How we work

See which package is right for you


Unsure as to whether China is right for you? Our three-month market test will soft-launch your brand in China and assess your suitability for the market. 

What’s included?
Competitor analysis and market sizing
Consumer testing of key brand attributes
Product seeding and social media sentiment analysis
Pricing and commercial planning
Full market report and strategic recommendations

Ready to capitalise on the China social commerce opportunity? Our full-stack subscription service provides access to everything you need to enter and scale in-market.

What’s included?
Social commerce store setup and operations
Full compliance with local registrations and regulations
Logistics, customer service and payments
Marketing and traffic generation
No fees; all budget allocated to growth

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