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March 27, 2024

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Trends from Effie Chen

I recently attended Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna representing YASO to explore which brands would be the right fit for our Chinese social commerce solution. The event was a global gathering of beauty and personal care professionals and showcased over 3,000 companies from over 60 countries, displaying their brands and offerings. As a first-time visitor, here are the top three highlights I identified at Cosmoprof:

South  Korean Skincare Takes the Lead: Among the myriad of trends and themes, the dominance of South Korean skincare was unmistakable. Known for their innovative formulations and emphasis on holistic beauty, South Korean brands continued to set the bar high. Their significant presence underscored not only their influence but also the global appetite for advanced skincare solutions that marry tradition with technology.

A World of Beauty Under One Roof: The international representation at Cosmoprof was a testament to the diversity and richness of the global beauty landscape. Each country's designated section offered a window into the distinct beauty philosophies and practices from around the world, enriching     our understanding of global beauty trends and consumer preferences.

The Rise of Tech-driven Personalisation: A standout trend that resonated deeply with our mission was the shift towards tech-driven personalisation in beauty. Brands leveraging personal questionnaires to tailor their offerings to individual needs signify a broader movement towards more personalised, data-driven consumer experiences. This aligns perfectly with our technology's aim to empower beauty and skincare brands to connect with consumers in China using social commerce, where algorithms drive recommendations that should be perfect for the end consumer.

Throughout the event, YASO successfully generated 40 leads, establishing new connections with brands. This was a testament to the growing opportunities for collaboration and expansion within the beauty industry.

In conclusion, my visit to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna was insightful and provided me with invaluable information about the beauty and skincare industry. I am looking forward to the next Cosmoprof event!